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Candlelight Vigil For Slain Lawton Man Ends in Chaos

Candlelight Vigil For Slain Lawton Man Ends in Chaos

Lawton, OKLa._

A peaceful candlelight vigil for a Lawton man killed outside a local bar this weekend ended with violence. Hundreds of people filled the parking lot of the Dew Drop Inn on Saturday in memory of Kenneth Young who was killed early Saturday morning after he was shot in the bar's parking lot. Witnesses said family and friends were wrapping up the vigil Sunday night, when suddenly a man came running through the crowd and started punching and hitting anyone in his path.

Despite a disturbance and even one arrest, friends and family of Kenneth Young say they were still able to mourn for him.

"It was still a beautiful moment, you have to learn, there are always going to be one person that tried to stop things. But he didn't stop nothing. We came to honor this young man and we did", said Lawton minister Harold Johnson.

Those who were close to Young said they won't remember how tonight's vigil ended, but instead will remember the outpouring of support.

"It was awesome to see that many people's live touched by him it was an awesome outcome", said Ramona Young, Kenneth Young's aunt.

She said she's just thankful they got to share who Kenneth was.

"Kenneth was a bubbly live person, he loved people, he enjoyed life. He was just a great nephew...I can't put it into words", said Young.

She said her nephew died because of violence and that his vigil ended with it, she says something has to change.

"We need to have unity, we need to come together as one as people, as a nation and take care of ourselves. Let people live, lets don't kill", said Young.

"Everyday we have a shooting in Lawton. We have a drive by. Some innocent person is going to get killed. This young man lost his life for nothing. The devil is on a rampage and these kids need to understand, life is too short. You're here today and gone today", said Johnson.

The man accused of causing the disturbance was arrested and identified by police as Keith Butler. The exact reason for his behavior is unknown. 

Police are still searching for the suspects in Young's murder. No arrests have been made.

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