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Discounts available for Lawton residents in flood zones

LAWTON, Okla_You may have a hard time remembering this, since we've been in a drought for so long, but Lawton can be prone to flooding. That's why the city continues to push flood insurance for its residents but now there is an incentive to get it.

The National Flood Insurance Program's community rating system, or CRS program has rated the city at a six, one being the best and ten being the worst.

With this class-six rating, Lawton citizens located in flood hazard areas are now eligible for a 20-percent discount on flood insurance premiums.  This rating benefits residents and the city.

"From the homeowner's standpoint you want to protect your investment, your property, and having current flood insurance is a way to protect your investment from the city's standpoint, it's very helpful for us in the sense that we want to make sure we maintain these areas, keep them free of debris and free flowing," City Manager Larry Mitchell said.

Right now, there are only 726 flood insurance policies in effect for properties in the City of Lawton. To find out if you're living in a flood hazard area, you can call your mortgage holder or the storm water management division in Lawton.

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