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Lawton firefighters teach fire prevention




Lawton, Okla._The month of October is nationally recognized as "Fire Prevention Month", and next week firefighters will head to elementary schools across Lawton.

Fire marshals and investigators were busy putting together thousands of packets of fire safety information in Lawton on Tuesday. Those packets will end up in the hands of over 5,000 students after firefighters are done.

"Handing out material showing some videos making contact, sitting face to face with those children, they'll see the guys in uniform, the truck and they ought to be sitting in that environment, and hopefully, not in the environment late at night with a house on fire and smoke," Lawton Fire Marshal Mark Mitchell said.

Mitchell says those kids are eager to pass on their knowledge.

"You'd be surprised we have a lot of people from time to time make contact with us and say hey, that stuff you sent home with my kid was great. We looked at it as a family and caused me to look at my smoke alarm and go over the fire plan inside my home," Mitchell said.

He also says kids aren't only told how to get out of a fire, but also told to stay out once they're safe.

"I emphasize that you have the detectors. They have the fire escape plan. They know two ways out that way when they get out they stay out. You don't go back in for any reason. The last thing I tell them is you know why you don't go back in? I tell them your toys, your clothes, your pets, all your valuables we can replace all those things, but we can't replace you," Mitchell said. 

This year's theme for "National Fire Prevention Week" is to have two ways out. Mitchell says that means know at least two places you can exit from your home whether that be a door or window.

Fire experts say a working smoke detector in your home can cut your chances in half of being injured or killed in a home fire.


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