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Veteran riding across the country to help other vets

LAWTON, Okla_A soldier turned investment banker is spending his entire two week vacation riding across country to spread awareness about his military suicide outreach organization "Stop Soldier Suicide." He's halfway through his ride and he's making an impact everywhere he goes.

This summer was the worst on record for military suicides and with the number up to 211 by the end of August this tragic trend seems to be continuing.

They serve our country selflessly and put themselves in harms way overseas. Then once back home our military men and woman try go get their lives back to normal. But it's not easy just ask Brian Kinsella.

"When I was remembering all of the things that I saw over my five years in the military I knew that when I transitioned out I wanted to start an organization that basically connected people to free, civilian mental health care."

Kinsella transitioned successfully, he said his organization doesn't restrict itself to military installations.

"While a lot of people on active duty may reach out to us and seek help we also realize there are a lot of veterans in individual communities and by having a presence in the community you not only help people who are on active duty but also people who are on veteran status and you can better build a network to get everyone the help they need."

Kinsella said he named his organization with a purpose, he wants the word and topic of suicide out there.

"You quickly saw how if people didn't feel comfortable coming forward to people in leadership positions that they may keep it inside and it may eventually lead to military suicide."

With the support of his organization Brian will continue to ride across the U.S. all the while never forgetting.

"The goal of ‘Ride For Life' is to spread the word about the mission of Stop Soldier Suicide so that people who need help know that there's a place that they can get it."

Kinsella will end his tour next week in New York City.

For more information about Kinsella and Stop Soldier Suicide visit or check out their page on Facebook.

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