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Clovis cyber bullying investigation

Clovis, New Mexico - The Clovis Chief of Police tells NewsChannel 10 a detective has obtained a court order to investigate the cyber bullying involving an unnamed web site.

The comments that were seen on the particular web site, CPD say violate the New Mexico state statue for harassment.

Comments have been texted to the site administrator and then posted by them, and that's who they are in search of.

Some say it's a First Amendment right to be able to post whatever they want.

The school superintendent disagrees.

Terry Myers says, "we just decided we would get together as a group, as a school district and as a law enforcement community and see if we could put a stop to it before it go to be anything that was blown out or proportion."

Chief of Police Steve Sanders tells me although it is a misdemeanor charge, if there are 19 or 20 of these comments on the web site, that administrator could be facing 19 or 20 counts of harassment.

He says 19 counts could add up to 19 years if a suspect is convicted.

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