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Carson Co. seized car auction money

Panhandle, Texas - Around 70 cars seized by Carson County Police in drug busts are now up for sale to law abiding citizens.

Sheriff Tam Terry tells me when DPS and DA search these cars, they don't miss anything.

He says they find drugs in the gas tanks, drive shafts, and everywhere you could imagine.

The cars are very thoroughly checked.

There is a process to the courts which has to be completed, and a lot of paperwork as well.

All of the people buying these cars are helping Carson County, and Terry wants to make sure they are not put in any kind of harm or even inconvenience.

Terry says, "if there is what we call a compartment in the car, we disable that or we destroy it. We can fill it with foam or do a lot of different things to it. So there's no danger of someone driving down the highway and being accused of using that for some illegal activity."

Terry tells me they have even more cars, but they aren't up for sale yet because they haven't been through the safety process.

The highest vehicle sale today was 17,000 dollars.

50 percent of the money from the total sales of seized cars will go to the District Attorney, and the other 50 percent will go to law enforcement.


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