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Legendary bullfighter dies in Southwest Oklahoma

WAURIKA, Okla_The rodeo world and the small community of Waurika lost a champion early Monday morning. Rex Dunn was a husband, a father of two boys and a bull fighting hall of famer. People said he had nine lives. He's been attacked by a bull, shot with his own gun and lived four years longer than predicted with stage four cancer. It was the cancer that finally took him at about 3 Monday morning in the hospital in Duncan.

He fought cancer, but that certainly won't be his legacy. He'll be remembered by thousands for fighting bulls and teaching others how to jump in the arena without fear. His life was inspiring, and his bravery, something we can all hope to acquire and it looks his two boys, Jace and Ote, are following in his footsteps.

His house is cozy and comfortable and covered in rodeo memorabilia. Rex's family sat around the kitchen table and dug into his history through old black and white photographs of the early days.

He was born in Wichita Falls in 1955. His professional rodeo career lasted a long 16 years. In the rodeo community, he was nicknamed Mr. Smooth, because when it came to fighting bulls, he was flawless. His friends knew him as more than a bull fighter though. Chuck Brown grew up with Rex, and did as two good old country boys do, get into trouble.

"Having a .22 rifle and shooting a bullet through the mirror, the door of a closet, I remember that. Going snake huntin', campin' out and throwin' poison ivy on the fire and everybody getting poison ivy. You know, just the fun stuff."

Biff Eck is the local pharmacist and a long time friend of Rex. He saw a lot of Rex as his cancer progressed and knew him as determined, capable and relentlessly perseverant.

"What I remember about him is just the fight he had, the drive that he had. Never give up. There's always a way to do something and he knew how to get it done. You could tell he was hurting but the thing is, he never let it show through. It never overrode everything."

What did show through was his endless efforts in his town.

"Rex was always doing something for the community. Whether it was having a benefit or bringing bull fighting to this part of the area. He was always doing something," Brown said.

Brown and Eck want Rex's family to know they've got the support of the community but they have no doubt the Dunns will be just fine.

"I think they'll group together knowing them, they're very strong. I think they'll continue doing what he was doing," Eck said.

"If you knew Rex Dunn, life goes on. If he was sitting here today, he'd tell you the same thing," Brown said.

Rex's wife Tracey and his two sons were just not ready to talk with us. But they said they were thankful for the love and support the community has showered them with.

The funeral for Rex Dunn will be held at 11 Thursday morning at the family's Coyote Hills Arena in Waurika.

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