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Vehicle accident takes one life, leaves another in hospital

LAWTON, Okla_A horrific wreck in Northwest Lawton killed one woman and sent one man to the hospital. It happened just before 11 a.m. near 38th and West Gore Boulevard. Lawton police say the cement truck driver was heading west on Gore and was making a right turn onto 38th Street. The driver's truck was filled with over 60,000 pounds of cement and tipped over, crushing the woman's car as she waited on 38th Street to make a left turn onto Gore Boulevard.

Lawton police say right now, the accident is still under investigation. They are trying to determine whether the cement truck driver was going too fast or whether his truck was just top heavy and couldn't clear the turn. Eye witnesses at the scene said, that moments before the crash they heard a loud  screeching sound, as if someone where slamming on their brakes.

As first-responders and police worked the scene of this tragic wreck, Kasey Jones and Krystal Moore were trying to understand what they just saw. The two were filling their cars at a nearby gas station, when they say they heard a terrifying screech followed by the sound of crushing metal

"It was just loud noises and crashing and crunching. I looked over and all I saw was an 18 wheeler crushing a little car. My heart just instantly stopped because it was serious, it was crazy," Moore said.

"It looked real bad, I don't know, I almost cried because that is somebody's daughter or somebody's son," Jones said.

Captain Craig Akard said it's not typical for cement trucks to tip over while turning but it can happen.

"Sometimes the weight shift and causes the center of gravity to change causing it to tip over."

He said right now it's too early to tell whether this accident could have been prevented

"They're called accidents, you know accidents can be avoided. This one, I don't know if this could have been avoided. Again, that's going to be the outcome of the investigation, whether or not it could have been avoided. We don't know if it could or not."

Jones and Moore said the memory of that fatal moment will haunt them for a while.

"It's really sad. I've never seen this before so I am just lost for words."

Lawton police have not released the identity of the victim or where she is from. But they do say the family has been notified. The driver of the cement truck was taken to a hospital with minor injuries and is cooperating with police.

7News wanted to find out if the driver could face any charges for the wreck. Captain Akard said the driver's blood was taken to check for anything in his system, which is routine legal protocol after a fatality accident. He said right now, its too early in the investigation to know whether or not the driver will face charges.

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