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Soldiers compete to become "Best Logistician"

FORT SILL, Okla_It was day two of Fort Sill's three day, Best Logistician Competition. Seventy soldiers making up 10 units have been battling it out since yesterday. The competition started with individual challenges. On Wednesday, the logistics specialists teamed up and competed together. Thursday, things finish off with an 8 mile ruck march. The goal is to finish with the most points and best time after completing various mental and physical challenges, all in hopes of a shiny trophy, and more importantly, bragging rights.

When we arrived, the soldiers were in full competition mode. They were doing everything from shooting their weapons to problem solving. Usually the work these soldiers do, goes under appreciated. This competition is meant to challenge the soldiers, but also to shed some light on the behind the scenes guys.

Here's a logistical problem for you, say you're in the field and your massive military vehicle gets stuck in the mud. It's actually quite common and it's these logisticians who come to the rescue.

"Start engaging all the control panels, the systems, getting all the systems up, the PTO, you got to raise your stinger to lower your wench. You got to put your wench out and change the tow shackles at the front of the vehicle," Spc. James Sullivan said.

If that sounded like another language to you then now you know just how important these logisticians are. They're problem solvers. Flat tire? That's a logisticians job. Another common problem, thirsty soldiers. Have you ever wondered where their water comes from when they're in the field? Logisticians, of course. Military logisticians are behind nearly every operation.

"Nothing moves without fuel. We like to have a little joke around the logistician community that the difference between a bang and a click is a logistician. Because we provide the bullets," Ltc. Dave Waddell said.

The competition is long, mentally and physically draining and as luck would have it, also cold. The soldiers are sleeping in inflatable tents deep on post but to these soldiers, the competition is all a game.

"It makes for a good time! It gets you out of your normal every day routine, rut, going to work, going home, sleeping eating, you get the chance to get out here and play in the mud and play with big toys, it's a good time," Pfc. Mackenzie Pirnat.

Lieutenant Colonel Waddell said these soldiers know their efforts are crucial, whether they get a lot of notoriety or not. He says he loves watching them compete because their pride shines through.

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