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Frontier Army Days brings history to life

FORT SILL, Okla_Cannon fire on Fort Sill is an everyday occurrence, but during Frontier Army Days, the cannons are reproductions from the 1860's, and the soldiers wear uniforms just like the ones they wore back then. History comes to life during the annual event and Saturday you are invited.

You really can learn something new everyday, who knew that Fort Sill, is the only still existing frontier army fort in its complete state. You can visit the museum on post for free, and if go tomorrow you can see some really cool stuff that you won't see every day.

You could tell from the ooohs and the ahhs and the cheers this is not a ho hum day at school.

Frontier Army Days is fun, moms and dads pay close attention, your kids did laundry Friday the old fashioned way, and loved it. Now if you can just get them to clean their rooms that would be truly historic.

"Children today probably are more experiential learners and so being able to see it first hand, touch it, talk to people really helps them retain better," Director Frank Siltman said.

When you think Fort Sill, you think Army, but you might want to think again.

"It's about the civilians that were here as well as well as the tribes."

Frontier Army Days wouldn't be complete without buffalo soldiers and rifles, back in the day, treatment for battlefield injuries, was not so much fun.

"The common cure for any battlefield injury that involved a leg or an arm was an amputation. That was just the best chance of giving the soldier a chance to recover and save his life," Jason Harris of the Oklahoma History Center.

No children were harmed today, there were no amputations, on Post in the late 1800's old sawbones was more than just a doc.

"We were the surgeon, we were the midwife, we were also the dentist and we also made sure that the troops ate the things they needed to so they weren't sick."

The men and women dressed in 1800's clothing call themselves living history interpreters and they play a big part in frontier army days.

"We connect the kids to the past and you don't get to do that very often, you get to bring the textbooks to life and you make it interesting and fun and they take home a memory."

Here is a little trivia for you, before the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company made tires what did they make for the Army? The answer? Rubber blankets, they kept you dry and warm, coats during the period were made from wool and they didn't keep you dry. That is just a sample of the things you can learn at Fort Sill's Frontier Army Days.

Frontier Army Days is open to the public Saturday from 9 to 4, it's free for everyone, all you need is a picture ID to get on Post and then follow the signs to the Post Quadrangle.

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