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A Harley Davidson rally remembers our American Heroes

LAWTON, OK._Harley Davidson riders from all over the state flooded the parking lot of the Great Plains Coliseum on Saturday, all riding in honor of those who serve our country.

Each year the HOG Rally gives riders a chance to get a look at their fellow bikers rides and to see old friends.

But in this year's rally theme "Remembering Our Fallen," bikers say they are riding for a bigger purpose; in appreciation for the military and for all they do.

It I not unusual for soldiers to be bikers...and bikers to be soldiers.

It is almost an American tradition.

"You here the rumble of the motors and the revving in the background and ironically at Fort Sill it sounds a lot like the rolling thunder that happens in hills here in the Wichita's as we do our live fires," said Lt. Col. Michael Magee.

The HOG's celebrate Harley everyday of the year, but this rally they wanted to celebrate the red white and blue...

"Harley is American made, so you gotta love 'em!," said rally coordinator Donna Hingtgen.

…And the ability to not just live free....but ride free.

"We're definitely patriotic. We definitely love our veterans and our active military. They allow us to have the freedom to ride these motorcycles," said Hingtgen.

Lt. Col. Michael Magee fights and rides for freedom everyday.

It started when his father returned from World War II and bought himself a Harley.

"He bought a 1948 WL and it looks a lot like my Heritage Spring which is in the garage right now!," said Magee.

Magee says his father was his inspiration to join the U.S. Army, and another very American organization...the Harley Owners Group.

"It's American! It's the American dream and really, look at our history, Harley riders were on the battle field and they've always been behind the military since then and probably forever. It's really a nice part of history to be a part of," said Magee.

Magee says the support he feels when his fellow bikers rally around him and his comrades make riding that much more of a thrill.

In fact, rallying together is what Donna Hingtgen says Harley Davidson is all about; helping a fellow biker...or comrade out.

"If somebody needs something they're right there to help out, and I can guarantee if somebody dropped their bike right now everybody would run up. We're a family," said Hingtgen.  

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