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Gender equality in sentencing

Criminal District Attorney James Farren Criminal District Attorney James Farren

Amarillo, Texas - A district attorney in our area contends women receive lighter sentences than men for the same crime.

The DA of Randall County tells me this is true in numerous kinds of cases, but it's most obvious in cases involving sexual misconduct.

He says he can think of nearly 10 different sexual cases with minors in the last 15 years where women received less of a punishment than men.

If a male teacher is involved with a student, he says the teacher better be ready for a fight.

If the teacher is female, using the teacher in Kentucky as an example, the result can be much different.

Criminal District Attorney James Farren says, "I'm certainly no psychologist, but I believe it is a cultural thing. I think it is still a subconscious view of male and females somewhat differently. I just don't think we are as ready to punish the female as harshly in those situations as we are the males."

He also says only one female in the history of Randall County has ever been charged with capital murder, much less prosecuted and convicted.

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