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Bomb squad is called to a lot in Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas - The Amarillo Bomb Squad was called after a suspicious object was found in an abandoned vehicle on 45th street.

Amarillo Police Department tells NewsChannel 10 nothing harmful was found inside the car.

We spoke with a couple of eye witnesses and was told the car had been sitting in the G8 parking lot for nearly a day and a half.

A man contacted 911 after looking into the "suspicious" car and seeing what he described to me as a possible bomb.

At around 8:30 Monday morning the manager of a restaurant across the street saw a tow truck and police officer arrive at the lot.

Chas Fristoe says, "then we saw them pull a little robot out of the white truck they had back behind the car lot. They busted out one of the windows and started digging in it. And a few minutes later they pulled something out. We really couldn't see what it was."

He said a couple of his co-workers went out to the scene to see what was going on and officers were aggressively keeping people away from the area.

We contacted APD and they would only tell us there was nothing harmful found in the vehicle.

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