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Golden Plains Community Hospital Improvements

Borger, Texas - Every year patients get hurt or even die because of medication errors.

The medicine administration machine, also known as the ATM of medicine is one of many new technologies at Borger's Golden Plains Community Hospital.

The CEO tells us about a part of the "ATM" called the 5 patient's rights.

A bar code is placed on the patient's wrist band as well as on the medication.

This makes sure the medication is given at the right time, the right dose, the right strength, the right route, and the right patient.

Dennis Jack says, "if you're a nurse, you come up and type in your name and your password. Then you pull up the patient name, Bill Smith, and Bill only gets 2 drugs today, you can't give him the wrong ones. You type in his name and you access those 2 drugs and a door slides open. And in that drawer only a little tiny drawer with his meds that are available for you to get."

He tells us the new medicine dispenser is one of several new additions, along with new staff.

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