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Woman arrested after attempting to pawn rented electronics

LAWTON, Okla_A Lawton woman is in jail tonight after police believe she tried to pawn high-dollar electronics just minutes after she agreed to rent them.

Police say Krystal Nichols walked into a rental store rented a large flat screen TV and a laptop. Minutes later she was confronted by police after a pawnbroker quickly caught on to her scheme when she tried to pawn off the merchandise that was obviously stolen or rented.

The scheme seems rather simple and the payoff worth while. The problem is these sorts of cases rarely if ever pan out.

According to business employees at several rental places we spoke with say they see these sorts of would-be customers come through, but say they're on to their scheme since these persistent customers or thieves rarely give up. Employees at the store told police Nichols came into their store and claimed she was buying the TV and laptop for her husband.

Once a rent to own deal was worked out she left their store and within minutes showed up merchandise in tote to this pawnshop.

The pawnbroker noticed the merchandise was labeled not for pawn or resale and immediately called police. When police arrived they found Nichols attempting to remove the labeled stickers from the electronics in the parking lot. Once confronted Nichols admitted to trying to pawn the items she didn't even own.

Police tell us this sort of crime is a felony and that Nichols could face up to five years in prison.

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