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Hurricane Sandy causes flight cancellations

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, it has many cities shutting down.

Monday morning thousands of flights have been canceled at New York's three major airports.

Officials say multi-hour delays will be felt at airports across the country for at least two days.

If your flight is canceled due to the storm, you're not recommended to go to the airport.

Instead, you're asked to call customer service for help.

Authorities warn travelers to check their flight's status early to avoid getting stranded.

You can also try asking for assistance via twitter since most airlines have employees monitoring their twitter feed.

Most airlines have already waived change fees, typically $150 for flights delayed or canceled due to the storm.

Airlines usually only waive this fee once.

The hurricane is expected to arrive Monday night or early Tuesday along the New Jersey coast.

It's then forecasted to cut across into Pennsylvania and travel up through New York State on Wednesday.

Public transportation systems in the three major metro areas of New York, Washington and Philadelphia are all shut down.

As many as 10 million people are expected to lose electricity due to toppled trees and light poles as well as ripped down power lines.

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