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Halloween safety by phone

Amarillo, Texas - Halloween can be the most dangerous holiday for kids, but cell phones can help ease parents concerns.

iPhones and Androids now have numerous app's available that allow parents to know their child's every move.

A Smartphone app called "trick-or-tracker" allows parents to actually follow them on the cell phone screen.

This app lets parents monitor the location of their children by providing location updates which arrive via text message.

IT Director Joel Carnes says, "there's several different ways to do it. Anything from the free utilities that are built in to the new euro smartphone... Google latitude or find my iphone. There are a couple of free app's out there also that will do the same thing. A lot of times what you're paying for is being able to set up that virtual fence, when they cross this line, warn me."

Being able to locate your children are not all these app's can do.

Life360 is an app you can download on your Smartphone that uses GPS technology to map out sex offenders in the area.

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