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Pay It Forward

NewsChannel 10 and local sponsors are looking to make a difference in the community by allowing people to "Pay It Forward!"

Each week we will have $300 cash available to a "Play-maker"(someone who knows someone in need). Our first sponsor helping us is Amarillo National Bank, ANB will provide the $300 each week.

So you may be asking, "How does this work?"

Here we go step by step:

  • Each week NewsChannel 10's Allan Gwyn will go out in to Amarillo and set up with a sign that says, "Help me Pay It Forward"
  • Our sponsor will give Allan $300 cash to be ready to Pay It Forward.
  • When you see the sign and Allan, simply pull over tell Allan about the person you know and can vouch for that needs the money to get a hand-up in life
  • You and Allan will then have 1 hour to find that person and you will get to give that person $300 cash money
  • We will be there the whole time capturing the incredible stories that face our community and sharing the impact generosity makes.

So this is your chance to help us make a difference in the community and "Pay It Forward"

"We think this is a perfect fit for our community. We are also proud to sponsor with local leaders to make this vision a reality. Stay tuned to find Allan on the streets of Amarillo helping others and then stay tuned every Tuesday night at 10p to see these remarkable stories," Brent McClure – General Manager, NewsChannel 10 Media

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