T.W. Shannon to become House Speaker-Elect on Thursday

Rep. T.W. Shannon
Rep. T.W. Shannon

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ The new, 72-member-strong Oklahoma House Republican caucus is meeting to elect its new leaders.

The caucus will meet for a closed-door meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday with all of the members-elect who were either elected to office or were unopposed this election cycle.

House Speaker-designate T.W. Shannon is expected to officially become the House Speaker-elect, although there won't be a vote since he wasn't opposed. Shannon is replacing term-limited House Speaker Kris Steele of Shawnee.

House Republicans also are expected to elect other leadership positions, including the Speaker Pro Tempore.

House Republicans picked up a net gain of three seats in Tuesday's election and now enjoy a 72-29 advantage over Democrats. It's the largest majority ever for Republicans in state history.