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Duncan Care Center Raises Growing Concerns Amongst Neighbors

DUNCAN, Okla_A vacant Duncan care facility has been getting a lot of unwelcome visitors and attention.

The Duncan Health and Alzheimer's Care Center has been vacant for close to three years, and neighbors are fed up with watching people come and go all hours of the day and night. Trespassers have been breaking windows, stealing copper and worse, gaining access to the mounds of confidential paperwork left behind by the previous owners.

Carlos Mahoney has lived on Palm Drive for 7 years, and he says what used to be a quiet nursing home, in the past three years has become a dangerous eye-sore for everyone in the neighborhood.

"It's a mess! Something needs to be done. Whoever owns it or whatever tear it down, do something, " Mahoney pleaded.

Out of concern for property value and his safety, Mahoney has complained to the city, but he says that has gone nowhere. The police have patrolled the area, but that hasn't stopped the unwanted visitors.

"Well we got our house almost broken into, and they were coming from back there. Just a few months ago. We caught them on our cameras. They were there for two days, " Mahoney said.

Up until recently, people could just simply drive their car right up to the front door. Over the past weekend a fence was put up, and while neighbors say it's a start, it really won't keep out the people from getting in. What neighbors say they'd really like is for the building to be torn down.

The building is surrounded by a worn down path where people have been coming and going. Sources say rooms are filled with boxes of scattered personal documents, broken glass and remnants from copper piping.

The owner of the property declined an interview. Instead, he provided the following statement:

"Ownership has taken steps to prevent vandalism and address security concerns and will continue to take action as necessary and would request that any issues be brought to their attention."

Why the building is still in this state is unknown. What either the city can do or the owner needs to do to help ease the concerns of the neighborhood is up in the air, as well. The owner of the property, who owns a similar facility in Marlow, also communicated that he plans to build a new structure and is working with authorities to make the transition as painless as possible for everyone.


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