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LPD welcomes eight new officers, including 1 female

LAWTON, Okla_Some new faces on Lawton's police force Friday. A team of police cadets graduated making the Lawton Police Department eight officers stronger. Each officer completed a rigorous 23 week training course where they learned life saving fighting skills while shooting, running, grappling and even swimming. Many officers including a single female graduate said they weren't sure this day would come.

It was her third attempt at becoming a Lawton police officer. Now, Officer Mary Lile said she never gave up over the past two years. All along her husband, a Lawton firefighter, stood by, encouraging her. She said today is a special day for their entire family. Both she and her husband happy to be public servants represented by the badges they wear every day at work.

Her biggest supporter is also a known rival to the police department, a firefighter.

"Of course they tease me I'm the other side, of course he teased me."

He is also happened to be Mary's biggest cheerleader. Firefighter Tim Lile said he never doubted his wife and knew one day she'd wear a badge.

"She's not one to every quit, so even if she didn't make it on this year, she was going to try next year, the more times you tell her no the harder she's going to try, she's going to get it done."

Who better to pin that badge on his wife than Tim himself despite being mistaken for a police officer, but only momentarily. Mary admits the journey wasn't easy as she overcame several obstacles and underwent a transformation.

"Being the smallest one I had to stay up with the guys. I lost 30lbs. Three feet I cut off three feet of hair. It could be used as weapon against me and it's hard to run with that much hair in PT."

Tim said he and his wife are eager to work with one another despite their occupations.

"We actually have a really great relationship with the police department, we are always happy to see each other out on calls so this strengthens that bond."

A bond Mary said may be passed down to their three children.

"One wants to be a firefighter, one wants to be a cop and one a nurse."

Mary said her first day on the job will be Sunday night and that she's a little nervous but eager to begin her new career.

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