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Duncan mom upset over racial slur during football game

DUNCAN, Okla_An incident during a little league football game has left a Duncan mother furious, not just over what happened, but how she said league officials handled her complaint. Sharicka Brackens said her son told her an opponent called him a racial slur during a little league football game. Her son had been sent to the sideline for shoving the boy who allegedly made the comment. She said when she asked officials to do something about it, they didn't even budge. Now, she is trying to figure out why.

We talked with the president of the little league by phone. He said he didn't know much about what occurred but assured us that type of behavior is not condoned in their program. He couldn't answer why the issue wasn't addressed on the field.

Brackens said she was in the stands enjoying her 12 year old son's football game. When just before half time, she saw her son become aggravated and officials motioning him to get off the field.

"I saw him shove a boy and I saw them tell him to go to the sidelines."

As soon as half time came she went down to check on her son.

"He was acting like he couldn't breath, like the breath was taken out of him."

Once she heard what happened next, she understood why.

"He was crying and he told me that someone on the field had called him an f-ing n-word."

Words that crushed her heart.

"It hurt me to see him in pain over what somebody else said to him. I just feel like he shouldn't have to deal with those issues at his age"

Brackens said she talked to her son's coaches and the head of the league but nothing was done. So, she said she walked across the football field and spoke with the coach of the other team about what her son told her his player had said.

"He argued with me. He told me that he didn't hear anything his team would never say anything like that, it was like everybody was nonchalant about it, I even got the comment that they're boys and boys say things like that."

Truthful or not Brackens said a deeper investigation then, should have been done.  

"I feel like they did not handle it responsibly I feel like they did not protect my son and we pay good money to be in that league just like everyone else and when I have a complaint it should be handled properly and I felt like they just pushed it to the side and nobody was really concerned about it."

Brackens said thankfully this was her son's last football game in the little league, but said she will continue to follow up with officials to make sure it's not taken so lightly if it does happen again.

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