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Soldier Surprises Wife and Kids at Graduation Ceremony

LAWTON, Okla_It was like a fairytale come to life Friday at the Great Plains Technology Center, when a recently deployed soldier stunned his wife by showing up at her graduation ceremony.

Sergeant First Class Zachary Brosemer and wife Jessica had not seen each other since May, but a couple of Jessica's instructors thought so highly of her they used their own money to fly him home and surprise her on her big day.

When Sergeant First Class Zachary Brosemer got the chance to surprise his wife, he wasn't about to let anything stand in his way.

"I'd have moved heaven and earth," Brosemer said.

Minutes before the surprise, this brave soldier was filled with nerves and was trying to focus on one thing...

"Just seeing her and my kids," said Brosemer.

Jessica attended the respiratory program for the past 18 months. Her husband was gone for the duration of the program, but that didn't keep her from having a positive, helpful outlook, or keep her instructors from taking notice of what a special student she was.

Wendy Thode, the Respiratory Program Clinical Director said, "This girl has had an awesome attitude the entire year. No matter what's come her way she's just been above everybody else. She takes care of everybody else."

So because of all of her generosity, two of Jessica's instructors pooled their money to fly her husband out for her graduation day. As Jessica sat waiting, her loving instructors could hardly contain their excitement."

"It makes me cry! It's awesome! It really is. I'm just so happy for her and her kids, " said Thode.

After the ceremony the time came for hugs and pictures. Jessica said she had seen surprises like this happen to other people, but it was something she and her kids never thought would happen for them.

Her son said, "It's like a dream."

Jessica explained, "I can't even express how much this meant to me. It makes me glad I've always done good to others because it does come back to you."

After some of the nerves wore off, the reality of the situation started to sink in, and Zachary was able to bask in the excitement.

He said, "Every time I get to come home, it's amazing. It being today, Veteran's Day, my wife's graduation, I don't think anything can match this."

And although being apart has been tough, Jessica said she's learned the most powerful lesson of all...

"We're strong. I know that love gets you through."

Zachary will be home for a week. When asked what they hope to do over the next 7 days, the family said it is hard to even wrap their heads around that thought, but they will just be spending a lot of time together and cherishing this special surprise.

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