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Cross country riders stop in Southwest Oklahoma on their journey

INDIAHOMA, Okla_Two women say they're living their dream, traveling across the country the hard way, on horseback. Sea Rider and Gryph Wulfkil are on their way to Maine and spent the night in Southwest Oklahoma. Their journey started a little over a year ago in Northern California with three horses and a mission on their mind.

Rider said she was inspired by the story of a woman who made a similar trip back in the 1950's. That woman had been told she was terminally ill and would die in two years. She rode all the way from Maine to California and outlived her doctor's prediction by 20 years. Sea doesn't have the same health challenge, but she has the same drive.

She feeds her horses, readying them for the day's journey. For over a year now, she and Wulfkil, have been living out her dream.

"I do think we're all born with a dream that is uniquely ours to do and so many of us get caught up in the trap of sameness and what we ought to be doing and we ignore that little voice in our head that said 'wouldn't it be great to.'"

They travel about eight hours a day, covering a little over 16 miles, but where they end up that night is almost never planned.

"I wake up in the morning. I don't know where I'm going to stop that night and I come to somebody's door in the afternoon that looks like there might be there might be room for the ponies and come and knock and explain what I'm doing and 95 percent of the time, people are saying yes."

People like Ruben and Bobbie Stoll of Indiahoma, who generously let the women and their horses sleep in their barn after hearing their story.

"That's what we do out here in the country, we help our neighbors. Somebody comes to your door and they got a problem we try to help them," Bobbie said.

"People think this is a country full of scary people and you've got to watch out you should be carrying guns and all this, we just haven't met any bad guys."

As the women pack up their horse feed, stock up their horses and say good-bye to the Stolls before riding off in the early-morning sun, Rider said she is looking forward to the rest of the journey.

"I'm not having a sense of ‘oh I can't wait to get back to living inside the walls and under the roof.' I love this sense of waking up every morning and not knowing what the day is going to bring."

Right now the women are heading towards Austin, Texas. They say that little sidetrack may help them avoid the harsh winter.  They say they know a few farmers along the way who are willing to take them in for a night.

Rider said their journey will end in Maine in the hometown of the woman who inspired it. They hope to make it by November 8th of next year as to  pay homage to the woman who inspired her.

You can also follow the journey online at

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