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Cell phone ban moving forward

It is almost time for Amarillo to put down their cell phones while driving.

We are just a few weeks away from the cell phone ban going into place. Wednesday city workers were installing sign posts throughout the town and at city limits. Officials say Amarillo will be hands-free by December 1st.

At Wednesday's Traffic Commission meeting city Community Relations Coordinator, Sonja Gross, laid out the cell phone public education campaign. Gross says there will be a paid advertising element, but the main focus is on community involvement. She does expect there to be a few challenges along the way.

"The resistance for change. You know, myself I have time if I'm at a stop light, stop lights go by really fast if you're checking your email messages right? And the hardest part if going to be the behavior change for everyone," Gross says.

The city hopes to get civic groups, churches, AISD and other community groups involved in spreading the word.

Fines for violations are expected to be issued starting no later than the first of the year.

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