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Bikers donate toys for deserving children this holiday season


Hundreds of area bikers rallied on Saturday to make Christmas a little brighter for local children that may have otherwise gone without.

The Toys for Tots rally kicked off Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the old Cache Road Cinema.

Each and every biker donated toys for children and food for the Lawton Food Bank.

The hundreds of bikers revved their engines and lined up behind Santa, taking off down Cache Road, spreading Christmas cheer to all those they passed along the way.

But as much as these bikers love to ride, they also love to give.

Over a dozen biker associations teamed up with the Lawton Fire Department...with one make dreams children's Christmas dreams come true.

"I brought more than I had to, but it's because I want to. I brought a toy truck set for a little boy and then a doll and stuff for the girls," said Mike Davis, a biker dressed as Santa.

One man has been dressing like Santa at the Toys for Tots rallies for four years now.

"Oh, I have more fun at it than anybody else. It does me good to have children come and shake my hand and sit in my lap and tell me what they want," said Davis.

These bikers say they may have a rough exterior...

"You know everybody sees a guy on a motorcycle and says oh I don't know about those guys," said Lawton Fire Department Lt. Josh Hall.

But inside they say they are some of the nicest and most giving people you will ever meet.

"They're working year round for this event. To donate everything they can," said Hall.

"It's just a chance to give back. It's good for the community, and it's just one way we can do things and enjoy being together at the same time," said Davis.

This year, the toys came in record numbers.

"[The] trailer there last year was full and we've already got more people here now, at this time last year," said Hall.

And that is all because Santa and his biker elves are dedicated to spreading the joy of Christmas.

"Just give them a chance to still believe that there's good in the world...that's what we want," said Davis.

And just like Santa's elves...there is no rest after Christmas.

It is back to work, making sure that the next toy run is an even bigger success.

"In January they'll start over with a zero budget and start raising money all over again," said Hall.

To register to be eligible to receive toys from the Toys for Tots program, all you have to do is call the fire station and tell them you would like to be put on the list if you qualify.

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