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Family Holds Vigil To Honor Year Anniversary of Loved One's Murder

LAWTON, Okla_The family of Kevin "Zeke" Rollins gathered in the parking lot of what used to be the night club "Excape" Tuesday evening to honor him on the first anniversary of his murder.

Rollins was a bouncer at the club, and was shot and killed when a fight got out of control. The club has since been shut down, but Rollins' killer remains on the loose.

The tone was somber and emotions were running high at the vigil. The family said the past year has been extremely tough, and with the holidays just around the corner, they are grieving more than ever for Zeke and are desperate for justice.

Maurice Henderson is a self proclaimed 'tough guy', but Tuesday night was different. Because that night his niece was asking him questions no uncle ever wants to answer.

Henderson said, "Why did the angels take my daddy away from me? How do you explain that to a 5 year old? You know? I didn't know what to say." 

Friends and family placed candles in the doorway to honor their lost loved one. The things that took place one year ago are still far too fresh in the minds of those Zeke loved, and what his family can't understand is why someone won't come forward to help put the man who did this behind bars. 

"Just think of it as being one of your family members. You know, you being without your father, your brother, your uncle, your cousin. You know? Treat my family the same way. Come up and say something. I know you're probably scared. What this person or what the repercussions are. Just think of it as your family," Henderson said.

Henderson believes there are many people who know the truth, and all it would take to bring justice is a simple gesture.

Henderson said, "Someone to be brave enough to come forward and say hey, I seen it. I was there. You know. If not for me, for his little girl."

And when that day comes when justice is finally served for Zeke and his family, Henderson says, he'll be ready. 

"I'll be on the front row. Just so I can look at his eyes and tell him what he did to my family."

Henderson said they have not received any updates recently on the case. He mentioned there is a reward for someone with the information about his brother's killer.

The Lawton Police Department assures Rollins' family that they are doing everything they can to solve the murder. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 355-INFO.

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