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Texas Secretary of State resigns in wake of voter purge

Texas - The resignation of Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade comes weeks after controversy over dead voters being purged from the state's database.

Texas' top election official will serve her last day in office on Friday. It will be up to Governor Rick Perry to appoint someone new to the position.

Two months ago around 80,000 voters across Texas were identified as possibly dead. As a result, over 6,000 voters were deemed ineligible.

Those voters received letters in the mail asking them to verify their voter status within 30 days or risk being purged from voter rolls.

But many of those voters were mistakenly linked with deceased individuals who shared their names and birthdays.

State lawmakers have already pledged to determine why so many voters were wrongly targeted.

Andrade's office has vigorously defended its actions in carrying out a state law meant to clean up voter lists.

They say this is not the reason for her resignation but instead, she was simply ready to leave the job.

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