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Fort Sill Prepares For Thanksgiving Feast

FORT SILL, Okla_For the food service team at Fort Sill, Thanksgiving is their Superbowl.

They're pulling out all the stops to give soldiers and their families a spectacular Thanksgiving meal. Preparations have been underway for over a month, and staff will be working through the night on everything from roasting turkeys to icing cakes so they can bring the feast fit for a king to the soldiers on Thursday afternoon.

7 News got a behind the scenes look at the preparations. There were extravagant cakes, vats of prime rib and ovens full of turkeys and ham. Their aim is to provide a Thanksgiving meal like the one soldiers would have at home, but from the looks of it they'll be getting a whole lot more.

Does your Thanksgiving feast include 300 turkeys? Melons carved into decorative flowers? How about a 200 pound cake? Chances are the answer is no, but that's exactly what will be served up Thursday at Fort Sill.

Sergeant 1st Class and Dining Facility Manager, Billy Belvin said,  "Every year it gets bigger and bigger. This is our Superbowl in the food service world. This is one of the biggest, nicest DFACS I've ever worked in. It's just bigger so it means more to decorate."

They are going all out. Everyone is chipping in and relishing in the opportunity to put their creativity to the test. Like, Sergeant David Brenier, the melon carver.

Brenier said, "I got into carving melons last Thanksgiving actually. Anyone that can bring something to the game, we have to do it. And that's something I thought would be great to enhance the environment and the ambiance that we're gonna have."

It's an all hands on deck approach. And from basting the turkeys to frosting those 200 pound cakes, no detail is spared.

Specialist Promotable and Food Service Operation Specialist, Adam Herman said, "It's painstaking labor. The model of McNair Hall that we're doing, the headquarters of the Fire Center of Excellence, it's extremely delicate, we're making it all out of rolled fondant and a change in temperature, a change in humidity could cause the fondant to crack."

Crews will be working from 10:30 Wednesday night to 5 in the morning the next day to make sure everything is ready. And while the work isn't easy, to them it's all worth it.

Sergeant 1st Class Belvin said, "The best thing about it is seeing the soldiers come in and the smile on their face knowing we gave them a place to come and enjoy away from their immediate family."

Meals will be served at three different locations on post. The meal being served at Garcia Dining Hall is open to the public. The meal will be served from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and costs $7.50 per person.

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