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ATM Thief caught on camera

Lawton, Okla._A Careless mistake allowed a thief to withdraw nearly $250 from someone else's account from an ATM, that's according to Lawton Police.

It happened at the ATM at the Southwest Oklahoma Federal Credit Union near 67th and west Gore Blvd. Police say a driver in dark-colored Tahoe pulled up to the machine with no ATM card in his hand but he withdraw cash. Police say just seconds before, the victim drove away and may have forgotten to sign off the machine. Police say the man made 3 quick withdrawals all while his female passenger watched curiously.

The man looks to be in his mid to late forties with a pepper-gray buzz cut and goatee. He is heavily tattooed with a large skull and dragon with wings on his left arm. He has several others on his right arm. The man also seems to have a small bandage or injury near his left temple.

If you can identify him call crimestoppers at 355-info.


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