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Thanksgiving Feast Served at Fort Sill


 Food as far as the eye could see was served up Thursday and dished out to thousands of hungry Fort Sill soldiers. While the main attraction was of course the delicious turkey, for many soldiers the prepared feast was a slice of home on a day many of them spent away from their families.

Private Jeffrey Gayjones is new to Fort Sill. He's only been at Fort Sill two weeks, and while his wife was able to come in from out of town, being away from home for the holiday has been tough. But he says the feast provided for him by his military family has been a huge help.

"It helps a lot to be here and to have this really delicious food. It really makes me feel like I'm back at home almost, " said Gayjones.

Jeffrey, like many of the soldiers, wasn't sure what he'd do if he didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner provided to him. Making it all the more meaningful for everyone involved, including Gwendolyn Cunningham, the Brigade Food Services Advisor.

"I've been on both sides of the world. The army life and the family life, and I can truly tell you that there's a difference. And it makes it all better because we have this day, versus ignoring that day, " said Cunningham.

In a fun role reversal, soldiers called the shots and were served by their superiors who really didn't seem to mind.

Major Tim Diley said of serving the soldiers, "There's such a small amount of people that volunteer to serve their country. And it means that much more on Thanksgiving. And to provide them an opportunity, for us as leaders to say thank you to them. Because they do basically everything in our army that we ask them to."

And while the turkey, stuffing and desserts were all greatly appreciated, soldiers and their families still took the time to enjoy one another's company and recognize what they're truly thankful for.

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