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Consumer group releases 'dangerous toys' report before holidays

It's hard enough keeping children away from adult products.

"She likes to play with phones and computers," laughed Sylvia Martinez, mother of an energetic two-year-old girl.

But according to the 27th Annual Trouble in Toyland report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, there are even a few toys being sold that could be harmful to your kids.

"We got to big retail stores like ToysRUs and Target and smaller, kind of family owned toy shops and we find problems in both types of stores."

Problems with products like some small toy cars. They often have even smaller parts, a choking hazard, with a warning label so small the group says it should be a violation.  Or one of the Dora the Explorer backpacks that contained low enough phthalate levels to meet the federal standard, but still enough of the toxic chemical the group says it would be a developmental hazard for kids.

A larger concern this year was magnetic toys like the adult-targeted Buckyballs that were recalled and discontinued earlier this year. The consumer group says some similar toys, like Snake Egg Magnets, could not only be easily swallowed, they're even more dangerous once ingested.

"These magnets will go through pretty much anything, they go through my finger, they go through bone, they go through muscle, they go through soft tissue," explained Dr. Bryan Rudolph with The Children's Hospital. "That's part of what makes them so dangerous. They're not normal magnets you might find on your refrigerator for example."

But you can still find those magnets on store shelves along with about a dozen other toys labeled "potentially dangerous" by the consumer group, giving parents one more reason to shop safe.

"From a mother and a grandmother standpoint, you can never be overly cautious when it comes to your kids and grand kids," said Amarillo grandmother of 14 kids, Dee Morgan. "You just can't."

For the complete Trouble in Toyland report, click here.

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