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Thanksgiving at the fire station

While many people enjoyed the day off emergency responders remained at the ready.

We spent the morning at a local fire station to get a taste of Thanksgiving on call.

Unfortunately fire fighters don't get holidays off. But, they're still doing what they can to celebrate Thanksgiving.

"It's a holiday so we're just pretty much doing our normal duties that we do every morning," Christopher Westbrook, Amarillo fire fighter says.

Fire departments around town are staffed expect to get called out. But they are still bringing Thanksgiving into the fire station.

"But the good thing is we are making a pretty good spread tonight," Westbrook says.

Everyone working is chipping in.

"We all kind of pitched in. Brought whatever we thought our specialty was. You know, that way we can kind of have some diversity with some good food," Westbrook says.

Westbrook is bringing in his favorite thanksgiving food.

"I'm actually trying to recreate my mom's pie, that's what I'm missing out on," Westbrook says.

But it's not just the food many of them are missing out on, it's time with their families.

"Working today compared to a normal day, it's you know, you have your family gathered together you know other places. You know, you talk to your families. You're missing out with your family, but when you've got a good group of guys like this, it makes it just a little bit easier."

Westbrook says he misses out the most on is watching the parades with his children. But he still have a job he loves to do.

"Pretty much on holidays, we kind of treat it like a weekend. We try and talk to our families, give ourselves time to talk to our families. And make sure we have enough time to cook. But, you've always got to wait for the calls to come in," Westbrook says.

They plan to sit down to have their Thanksgiving dinner sometime this evening assuming they don't get called out.

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