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Ammo sales on the rise

Amarillo, Texas - Along with a dramatic rise in gun sales in our area, we've learned rounds of ammunition are also flying off store shelves.

A local pawn shop we were at today sold 50 cases of ammo in three hours, and each case consisted of 1,000 rounds.

You might think gun sales and the sale of ammunition would go hand in hand, but not necessarily.

Sales of both might be on the rise, but an area ammo retailer tells us the last time there was a jump in gun sales, there wasn't near as much of a rise in people buying ammo.

But this year is a different story.

David Erwin of Erwin Pawn INC says, "ammo sales now compared to last year are probably up 300 percent of what they once were. We probably sell on average 15-20 cases per day, at least. To where last year, maybe 5-6 cases."

aAnother area retailer selling ammo tells me people are buying in bulk there as well.

Many are now buying 500 plus rounds, opposed to the usual 50-100 rounds.

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