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Velma teen donates money to his friend

VELMA, Okla_The small town of Velma has joined together again, to help one of their own, this time making the phrase "a team effort" ring truer than ever. You may remember Jake Brown, a Velma Junior High basketball player who was knocked out during a game. When he was taken to a doctor, they found something much worse, a brain tumor. He was operated on and during his recovery he found it in his heart to help out another family who was struggling. He raised funds and sold t-shirts but finding a deserving recipient for this money proved to be the hardest part, until one of his best friends, Kade Bowen, was tragically injured.

Jake managed to raise $3,000, all on his own. He searched for a family to give it to for months. Almost a year after his injury on the basketball court, his buddy Kade, was in a dirt bike accident. It left him with a shoulder injury, broken ribs and, just like Jake, a brain injury which was so severe most people don't wake up. When Jake found out about Kade's injury he knew exactly where that money was going.

Today, Kade's dribbling and shooting, preparing for that day when a doctor gives him the OK to get back in the game. But just last month, it was a very different scene.

He doesn't remember the accident.

"I remember going to my grandparent's house, getting off the bus and going and riding the dirt bike."

In fact, no one really knows what happened to him that day.

"They brought me in an ambulance to Duncan and I flew in a helicopter to Oklahoma City."

He says the week he spent in the hospital felt like a dream. People were brought in to convince him what had happened was real. Then one day, the fog lifted. He saw his friend Jake walk into his hospital room.

"I just felt like I needed to go do this, so we drove all the way to the hospital and put it in a little bag. He didn't know what was in it until he opened it. I could just see the smile on his face, he looked really happy about it."

Inside the bag, the $3,000 Jake had selflessly raised, during a life-threatening time in his own life.

"I knew he was raising all this money. I never did think that all that money would be going to me though," Kade said.

But Jake wouldn't have had it go to anyone else.

"I think we've know each other since we were back in T-ball, when we were little kids, so we've been best friends since back in the day and we just do everything together."

But now their bond is much deeper. They may be the only people that ever understand it, but we all can take something away from what they share, compassion.

"He has a real good heart, he likes other people and he understands about what they've been through and I don't know how to say it, but he helps people a lot and he's just a really thoughtful friend," Kade said.

Jake has played in three basketball games so far this year. He said the feeling he got when he walked back on the court for the first time was the greatest in the world. He can't wait for Kade to feel that same feeling.

Tuesday night, a benefit dinner is being held in Kade's honor. It's called "Crusade for Kade" at the Velma High cafeteria. It begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. It's donation only, and all the money goes to Kade's family to help with medical expenses.

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