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Stephens County Baby In Need of Heart Transplant

STEPHENS CO, Okla_Most people will be spending the next couple of weeks focusing on Christmas and finding ways to get their family together, but in the town of Central High in Stephens County, there's a family that's concerned about the health of a baby boy.

Adreyan Bayones was born November 5th with a serious heart defect. He's already undergone one major surgery, but doctors say he needs a heart transplant. So, while Adreyan and his mom wait in a hospital in Arkansas, friends gathered Thursday night in Stephens County for a fundraising dinner to help with their medical costs.

The atmosphere of the dinner was upbeat, but not far off in everyone's mind was the reason why they were there.

Ed and Trish Bayones were surrounded by friends, family and even some unfamiliar faces all because of their grandson Adreyan.

"It's really neat to see. Some people came from other cities that I didn't know. And I've had people call me already saying I can't get down there, but I heard about it and they've donated money, " said Ed Bayones, Adreyan's grandpa.

The pictures of Adreyan are different than most have of their grandchildren, and if things don't improve they could be all they have. Baby Adreyan suffers from a severe heart condition, and it remains a mystery as to when he'll receive the new heart he so desperately needs.

Ed Bayones explained, "Nobody can tell you. We don't even know where he is on the list. No one's allowed to know that information."

Adreyan and his mother Leah await the heart at the Little Rock, Arkansas Children's Hospital where he was care-flighted, all the while the debt from medical bills is mounting exponentially, and the stress from not being able to work weighs on her heavily.

"There's extended expenses that nobody was thinking about after this, and it's like this for his lifetime, " Bayones said.

So that's where the family got the idea to hold a fundraiser.

"We figured we'd just throw something together as quick as we can. And something we can all team up together and do. And get it out there and just invite people to donate whatever they can donate, " said Bayones.

They received an outpouring of support from grocery stores and businesses around the area helping with food for the event, and the room was packed with people wanting to help out.

Trish Bayones, Adreyan's grandma, was moved to tears when thinking about how touched she was by people's donations, "It means a lot. Leah just wishes she could be here. Just to say thank you."

And with all the family together, they couldn't help but think how it'll feel the day Baby Adreyan gets to join in on the fun. Ed Bayones said,

"It's gonna be a party! I think we'll have another party down here just for that!"

They weren't sure how much money they raised this evening, but they said every bit counts.

Two more additional events are on the calendar to help raise money for Baby Adreyan.

On December 1st the Elite Academy of Cosmetology in Duncan will be holding a haircutting event. They will be charging $5.00 for a haircut, and all proceeds will go to Adreyan's medical bills.

On December 15th a garage sale will be held at 1917 NW Columbia in Lawton. It will begin at 8AM and last all day. They are still accepting donations for items, and can arrange to pick items up if necessary.

The family is very thankful for all of the donations of food, money and time many have given them. If you'd like to donate money, they have a donation account set up with Bank First. You can go to any Bank First and donate to the account for Leah Bayones or click on the link below to visit their Facebook page to donate via PayPal.!/AdreyanBenefitFund?fref=ts

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