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Area lake running out of water

Lake Greenbelt could be out of water in the near future.

Levels have gone down several feet since the summer. It's a lake that's supplying water to area cities including Clarendon, Hedley, Quannah, and Childress.

Some area residents could end up without water as early as next year if the drought continues. This is according to the director of Greenbelt Water Authority. Gary Campbell says they took out a $1.5 million bond to drill 5 wells, and construct pipelines to supply more water.

They just began drilling the first well this week. They'll begin building the pipelines in a couple of weeks. Lake water will be mixed with well water at the treatment plant and then distributed to area cities.

Campbell says they're planning on completing the work within the next three months.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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