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Parade and Santa Claus Kick off the Christmas Season in Walters

WALTERS, Okla_Christmas came early Saturday night on Broadway in downtown Walters.

The annual Christmas parade attracted most of Cotton County. Everyone from local beauty queens to cowboys, and of course, Santa Claus made an appearance.

As the last float rolled by all that could be seen was smiles on everyone's faces. It is the time of year where it seems so matter what your age or background everyone lets go for a moment and embraces that inner child in us all.

Ethan Theis was in the parade and said it was a magical night, "There was goodness in the air I guess I should say. It was fun."

The streets were lined with hundreds of people cheering on all of the various floats and cars in the parade, but once it was over everyone congregated in a small park to meet with a very important man.

Santa Claus came to town just in time for children to tell him what special toy they want this Christmas.

When asked who he was meeting one child said, "Santa Claus! I'm asking for a 4 wheeler!"

The line to meet the man of the hour was long, but as the children waited they munched on candy and compared Christmas lists.

"I want music, " exclaimed one little boy.

Another little girl said, "I want to ask for a Kindle Fire!"

While a third child shouted, "I want a 3 DS XL!"

Finally each child took their place on Santa's lap and exchanged the important information about all of the items on their lists.

And if any non-believers of the man in the red suit might have been present Saturday night, it is safe to say after witnessing the magic spell he cast over all the children they would be hard pressed not to change their minds.

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