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Duncan Family Loses Family Pets in House Fire

Duncan Family Loses Family Pets in House Fire

Lawton, OKLa._A Duncan family is struggling to recover from a house fire on Thursday that destroyed their home and killed their family pets. Firefighters say the homeowner's 10-year-old nephew was home alone, when an electrical socket in the living room sparked and caught the drapes on fire. When firefighters arrived to this house on North Seventh Street, flames had already spread through the home.

The homeowners, Caleb and Kelsey Roberts, said they are thankful their nephew made it to safety and that their can be rebuilt. They said the hardest thing to cope with is losing their beloved animals.

Caleb Roberts said he will never forget how he handled the news that their first-home as a married couple had been destroyed.  

"Just worried about my family and my pets, mostly. Other than that the house and everything its just material items", said Caleb.

Kelsey said that was her concern too. She said when her husband broke the news that their dogs didn't make it out alive she was crushed.

"I got out of the car and he made sure to tell me that everybody was okay but our dogs didn't make it. I used to think that was so silly, oh its just a dog. People get over that. We don't have children, we're young, we just got married not too long ago. They were my babies", said Kelsey.

She said she is still questioning how she could have made a difference in an unavoidable tragedy.

"Why didn't I come home? Why didn't I shut the door to the bedroom? I mean, you just, its all your fault is what it feels like. Even though there's nothing I could have done different. You know, its random, could have happened to anybody its just unfortunate that it happened to us", said Kelsey.

Caleb said although he and his wife are keeping each other strong, the outpouring of support from others has been a blessing.

"A lot of good family and a lot of good friends and a lot of friends that we didn't know we had, my wife being their for me and everybody coming together", said Caleb.

Kelsey said this tragedy made her realize how a strong support system can get anyone through a tragic time, "Thanks to our family and friends and to the people that we don't even know. Like, I don't know you but thank you. You know what you did for us." 

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