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Country musician performs in anti-bullying concert in Fletcher

FLETCHER Okla_ Oklahoma-born country singer Kylie Morgan has begun an anti-bullying platform.

Kylie performed Monday for a group of students in Fletcher. She shared her music, but more importantly, she spoke up against bullying. The up-and-coming star is using her growing fame to stop a growing problem dead in its tracks.

Kylie said her inspiration came to her at a writing session in Nashville when she was 15. That's where she heard a story about Phoebe Prince, a young girl her age who touched her heart and took her on a journey.

"Phoebe was a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide," Kylie said. "She was being bullied so much. Because I was 15 at the time, that really struck me hard. So, I looked up her story online and was instantly inspired and thought her story deserved to be told."

Kylie wrote a song in her honor and posted it on the web. The song got incredible responses, and that feedback prompted her to do more.

"I started my own bullying prevention campaign called "It Matters What We Do", and that has allowed me to come to schools like Fletcher and pretty much talk to the kids, raise awareness, you know peer-to-peer."

That's exactly what she did today. She reminded a room full of peers that it takes courage to stand up for someone, but assured them it is the right thing to do. She reminded them that a simple compliment can make someone's day. It could even save someone's life.

Angelique Smith is the President of "Stand for the Silent", an anti-bullying organization. She said Fletcher students see it every day.

"There's kids everyday in the nation that don't even want to come to school because they're being bullied. It's just tough because some of those people are my friends. They go to school with me."

Those kids are the ones that Kylie and her band rock out for. They said they hope that with every word, a desperate teen will see their own value. Besides leaving with a song in their head and an autograph to look at, Kylie wanted her audience to be encouraged.

"Know that just because they're one person, or just because they're young, doesn't mean they can't make a difference. I try to be living proof of that."

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