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Fort Sill pilots program to help veterans find work

FORT SILL Okla_ The Department of Veterans Affairs has begun a program on Fort Sill aimed at helping veterans get work after they leave the military.

It's called 'The Vow Act', which stands for 'Veterans Opportunity to Work'. Service members will be required to go through a five-day course before they leave the military. The course helps them find work and makes sure they know all the benefits they've earned. VA has established a pilot program here at Fort Sill before they implement it nationwide.

Currently, there are nearly one million unemployed veterans in the U.S., some unaware of their benefits. The VOW Act is helping to change that. If Fort Sill's pilot program proves successful, it could be mandated at military posts throughout the country.

Fort Sill Drill Sergeant Jerry Barnard said the transition from active service member to civilian veteran can be challenging.

"I have a few friends that got out and went through hard times. They didn't know where to go and didn't know where to turn, because no one ever told them."

Classes are required at Fort Sill to teach soldiers how they can make the most of their lives.

Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. Tommy Sowers said the VA is in place to provide every benefit possible to veterans.

"If you served your country honorably, come to the VA. Whether you want to be buried with honor, you want great healthcare, or education benefits, we're here to serve you."

Sowers said these benefits are more available now than they were when he was in the service. He said back then, they were once only available if you were lucky. He said no one who's served should ever have to go without a home because they can't find a job. He said retirees like Staff Sergeant Catrena Monroe have some of the best jobs skills available.

"I'm a go-getter, and hard worker. I believe, ‘Let's get it done'."

If this program proves successful, it will be adopted army-wide first and more than likely spread throughout the Department of Defense.

The five-day course is also available to existing retirees. If you're interested in signing up on Fort Sill, call (580) 442-2222.



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