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WTAMU sports success and enrollment

Canyon, Texas - West Texas' athletic success affects the university in more ways than one.

WT's athletes are really making a name for the area school.

Some WT officials are beaming with pride and happiness following the athletic success of their school, and the positive exposure it puts on the university.

We spoke with WT's athletic director Michael McBroom and he says there is no better way to gain attention than through a successful sports program.

He says the school's football and volleyball teams have done just that.

With the recent spotlight put on the school following Saturday's game, he says it really opens doors for people to look more into the academic side of the university, which is very beneficial for the school.

Michael McBroom says, "does it help our enrollment? I think it does. Anytime you have a successful athletic program, there's really nothing else you can do at a university that generates as much media exposure as a good athletic program does. We're in the paper every day. That doesn't mean that's the only thing we're about. I think athletics just opens the door to a lot of eyes to see what else is going on at the university."

The Vice President for Enrollment Management feels the athletic success could have a positive impact on enrollment as well.

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