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Duncan abused animals rescued

Duncan, Okla._An update on a man in Duncan who was accused of abusing several animals. Monday, police searched the home, and found evidence of animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions.

They rescued three dogs and several cats. Detective Bill Fitzhugh said the animals showed signs of malnutrition and one cat needed medical attention.

"Looks like he has an eye that's really messed up real bad, it might be ripped out, I'm not sure. He was really reluctant to have any contact with us," Fitzhugh said.

Officers said the floor of the home was covered with feces. In some rooms, it was nearly 3 inches deep. Also, the man's utilities had been turned off, but no word on how long. Authorities say, no one was home at the time.

Police are on the lookout for the homeowner who could face several charges, including animal cruelty.

As for the dogs and cats, they are in the custody of animal control.

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