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Demand for charter schools in Texas growing

Texas - Thousands of students in Texas are on a waiting list to attend a charter school but now there's a plan to help solve this problem.

With over 450 charter schools across Texas, that is still not enough to keep up with the high demand.

135,000 students are currently being served and there's another 100,000 waiting and hoping for a spot to open up.

Education officials are planning to ask the legislature in January to lift the cap on new charters.

According to a study by the Texas Comptroller, 25 percent of the most effective schools in the state are charter schools, showing that they can improve student achievement while keeping expenditures low.

This success is being recognized by parents and students.

To help in the process, the Texas Education Commissioner is hoping for charter advocates to inform legislators about the quality of education they provide.

Another idea is that charter schools might be able to help low-performing schools in their field in the future.

According to the Texas Charter School Association, there are two charter schools in Amarillo.

One is a college preparatory school and one is a dropout recovery school.

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