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Three men in jail after stealing scrap metal

COMANCHE Co., Okla_ Three men have been arrested for stealing scrap metal from a home in eastern Comanche County, and then trying to sell it.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley said authorities received a call from someone telling them they saw a suspicious vehicle load items into a pickup pulling a trailer. The sheriff's office got involved, eventually finding the thieves and the stolen metal.

Sheriff Stradley said deputies searched the area where the items were reportedly taken and couldn't find anything. He said the tipster told authorities they were sure of what they saw.

"The person who called it in, he talked to them. They said, ‘Well we know that they took something because we seen them load it up'."

Sheriff Stradley said a deputy assumed the thieves would try to take the metal somewhere to sell it. So, he moved one step ahead of the crooks.

"He went to the recycling places here in town," Stradley said. "He told them what we was looking for, three people, the vehicle they are driving and the trailer. He told them if anybody came up, to give us a call."

He said within hours they had found their men.

Sheriff Stradley said the men brought the stolen metal to a scrap metal yard. He said employees inside recognized the stolen items and the men, and they quickly contacted local authorities.

"It was good work for my deputy to take the report, go to the recycling places, and put the word out these people may be coming in here with some stolen iron."

Sheriff Stradley said the stolen metal has since been returned to its rightful owner. He said they credit the witness and the scrap metal yard employees for keeping a watchful eye.

Sheriff Stradley said at this time, all three men are facing charges of  possession of stolen property.

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