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Trees for Troops Program Donates Trees to Fort Sill


It started to look a lot more like Christmas for many Fort Sill families.

As a part of the Trees for Troops program, soldiers and their families lined up at the Fort Sill Recycling Center and picked out their holiday tree of choice for free.

Trees for Troops is a national event that allows people from all over the country to  donate Christmas trees with a personalized message that will eventually end up in a military families home.

The recycle center on post started with about 300 trees...within about two hours...over 200 of them were gone.

"This morning by about 5 o'clock it looked like Black Friday out here. They were lining up at 5:30 and we didn't even open our doors till 7," said Recycle Program Manager, Chris Smith.

The trees came from Ohio, New York and Texas, and ended up with families just like the Weavers.

The weavers could not wait to pick up a tree to begin their Christmas tradition.

"My sons first Christmas I was deployed overseas in Iraq, and that in itself was a hardship on its own. To be here with them, my wife, really helps a lot," said Brian Weaver.

Weaver wants to make this Christmas experience special for his little one, despite the moving from base to base that comes with military life.

"Grew up in the country where we always would go and cut our own tree, it's kind of hard to do around here, not knowing the area, so it's nice for them to come together and offer this for active duty personnel," said Weaver.

Smith says the trees were hand picked and personalized, and sent to installations all over the country as a part of the Trees for Troops program.

"It's really cool because it's school kids pooling their money to buy a tree to send to a soldier family...or a group, or a church group, maybe they buy 5 or 6 trees," said Smith.

Now, if you have not picked out your tree yet...we have some tips on how to find the perfect one.

Make sure pay attention to...

"The height...because I don't want it too tall, too small," said 8-year-old Christmas tree expert, Ramona.

"You have to see how big it is, or skinny, or what pieces are missing off it," added 10-year-old tree connoisseur, Lathanise.

And lastly...

"You want a good tree that has a good color," said Ramona.

Chris Smith says giving away free trees is just another way for her and her staff to express their gratitude towards our soldiers.

"They know that me and my staff care, but I want them to understand that there are people outside the military, these are not military people who are donating, these are probably people who have very little contact with military and they truly appreciate the sacrifices of the family and everything they're doing," said Smith.

Trees for troops will continue tomorrow at the recycle center on post from 1 PM to 5 PM

Remember it is on a first come first serve basis and trees are getting limited.

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