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TxDOT to educate state on winter weather

Amarillo, TX - With winter upon us TxDOT has a campaign to keep drivers safer. They aim to keep everyone who is out on our roads a little safer.

Amarillo is a pit stop for many travelers. But with our ever changing winter weather, TxDOT is trying to inform those not from our area about driving safety.

"I don't think people are really quite aware of it until they actually experience it. And sometimes it's too late by that time," Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman says.

This winter TxDOT has put out a safety guide for winter travel. They hope to educate those from other areas of the state who are not used to driving in winter conditions. Braun says he doesn't think others are aware of the ever changing winter conditions in the panhandle.

"And that's what the purpose of this program is. To educate people all over the state as to what they can expect if they hit winter weather driving conditions. And we know a lot of people come through here to travel to other areas of the country," Braun says.

Braun says just last year a Houston family was stuck for two days in a snow drift. They were however prepared for an incident.

"Maybe they shouldn't have been out there traveling, but at least they were prepared if something happened and it did. And so, that's the whole idea behind the winter safe program," Braun says.

Although our first snowfall was light, there were still problems on our roads. APD had multiple reports of accidents.

"I talked to a couple of guys who were looking last night, and they did say they did see a couple of vehicles hit the wall. And they were out there working, one guy said he was going out west, and by the time he made it around back. There were three cars that hit the wall like simultaneously, and then on the way back there were you know another guy hit the wall," Al York, TxDOT equipment operator says.

TxDOT is expecting our next winter blast to hit the area harder, and they want to make sure those on the road are prepared.

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