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Fort Sill instructors receive Instructor of the Year Awards

FORT SILL Okla_ A group of eight esteemed instructors were honored today at a ceremony on Fort Sill.

Each was awarded a medal and plaque, naming them Instructor of the Year. The eight came from four categories: Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Civilians.

One winner, now a civilian, both started and ended his career at Fort Sill. He served for 20 years before he retired. In the classroom, he uses real life missile experience as his training method. He said when he's teaching, his joy comes from the moment something "clicks" with a student.

"When the light turns on and you see that, it's kind of hard to express," Missiles Instructor Terry Batty said. "Knowing that you got through and they understand what you're trying to teach them."

Another Instructor of the Year Award recipient, Staff Sergreant William Baer, teaches a Patriots class on post. He knows this honor will propel his career, but when he stood on stage today, he saw the bigger picture.

"It will help me," Baer said. "But the more important thing is to help the soldiers out. So, the better I can teach them, the better I produce them into their next unit."

The other winners this year were Captains Bill Nguyen and Edward Stebbins, Warrant Officers Andrew Murphy and Marc Nelson, Staff Sergeant Delvon McDaniel and Ms. Maycie Crozier.

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