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Lawton couple welcomes 12/12/12 baby to the world

LAWTON Okla_ The maternity wards and the county courthouses were the most exciting places to be today, busy with weddings and births on the last numerical echo of the century, 12-12-12. 

Little Marley Pulliam won't understand all the excitement about her birthday for a while, but her family certainly enjoyed it today. Marley actually arrived one week late, but her parents say she couldn't have come on a more perfect date.

Parents Jerrod and Christa Pulliam said they didn't plan this, but grandma had a secret wish that Marley would hold off until this day, and she got her wish.

Around 8 this morning, Marley made her first appearance, happy and healthy.

"I am very excited that she's finally here," said mother Christa Pulliam. "I'm excited not to be pregnant anymore and actually be able to hold what I've been carrying around."

Marley's birthday is not the only reason the number 12 is important for the Pulliam family.

"We were married on the 12th of March," father Jerrod said.

Numerologists say the number 12 relates to wealth and the biggest planet, Jupiter. While the superstitious everywhere are saying 12-12-12 is a great day to start a business, the Pulliams are just happy to become parents.

"I'm excited to be a dad!," Jerrod said. "Very excited; words can't explain it."

"She means everything," Christa said. "Probably the top two days of my life were when we got married, then now her!"

The next step for the Pulliams is planning an outrageous 12th birthday party for little Marley. Dad's got his heart set on a ninja turtles theme, but we'll have to wait 12 years to see what Marley thinks about that.



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