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Real Hero Comes Forward in Rescue of Elderly Man

LAWTON, Okla_A strange development in Wednesday's story of a man who said he helped rescue an elderly man from his burning house.

His name is Jerry Ronshausen, but on Thursday morning a first responder came forward to say Ronshausen was definitely not part of the rescue effort. Ronshausen could not be reached for comment, but both the Fire Marshal and Fire Chief were alerted about the potentially bogus interview, and are now looking into that as well as the cause of the fire.

After several phone calls, the real hero who pulled the man out of the burning house was reached. When talking about the rescue he remained humble and gave all of the credit to the two LPD Officers who aided in the rescue.

For real estate broker Glenn Christiansen, Wednesday's house fire brought back memories he wishes he could forget.

Christiansen said, "When I was in the 4th grade my personal house burned down around my family. And it's no joke. I'm deathly afraid of fire, I can't even stand a candle."

But when he was leaving one of his properties the sight of billowing smoke and no fire trucks sparked something inside of him.

"How do you not do nothin'? You gotta do something.  And when they said there was an old man in there and they didn't know, you know, my gosh, go through the door."

And that is exactly what he did. Christiansen broke down the door and walked into the burning house filled with black smoke, calling out for the man inside.

"He was still in bed, with no clothing on and basically bed-ridden."

Christiansen picked him up, but realized he could not move him on his own, and the fire was growing. He began to ask God for help, and that is when two LPD officers appeared through the smoke.

"It was like a Steven Spielberg movie, I promise you it was. And thank God for them because they turned rescuing that gentleman into rescuing both of us. I wasn't gonna leave him, but there's no way I could've gotten him down that hallway and out of that house by myself."

Once in the yard, he said the only thing the man was worried about was his pets. The dogs got out unharmed, and Christiansen said that's when the mood went from scary to magical.

"It's just one of those moments, I'm so thankful I got to witness it. It's just amazing. You know when you love another animal, another person and you know that person or animal is safe everything's ok."

When asked about Jerry Ronshausen, Christiansen said he never saw anyone in the house with him other than the two officers. He was not sure why someone would make such a claim, but is just happy everyone made it out okay.

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